Monday Incident

When I woke up in the morning probably about 10.00 am in the morning I got a call and messege from Wildan one of my friend in campus, he chat me to help my buddy Prabu, he had a incident infront of Easton Park Apartement. He fall from his motorbike when he riding, after I got the news I just change my clothes and go away to Easton Park to find Prabu. And ya… I found him with two apartement security.  Hmmm… Alhamdulillah he is good condition, when I still in my dorm I have a negative thinking. I think his condition so bad…. Obviously he’s good, he just had some scars in his foot and he got a head bump. After that I decided to bring his motor to my dorm and then we going to Klinik Padjadjaran to check his condition. 

Since I know if Prabu over or “LEBAY” I just make some jokes to him, what I said? “Taekondow coach get some scars getting scare with accident” hahahaa 


Greatful to the creature

Everyday I getting older than before, because life always run to the fore. And I hope I always remember to my creature the one in only ALLAH SWT, so I still learn to be a better person everyday. 
Ya Allah, please help me to keep in your way and godly to you for grasping your heaven. I hope and I belive a hundred percent you will protect me from peril/distress, calamity, or everything bad things. I want you always bring me to goodwill nor kindliness. Amen!!

This post I write before I go to sleep in ealy morning!!
XX, Fan. 

Fragile side


A month left after KKN in Majalengka, and I came back to my daily as a college student and ya I came to stay in my dorm again. But since the day I came back I felt so tired. My head getting dizzy, my body getting fever, and my stomach felt so queasy, just FYI my fever is 39 degree celcius. Until I think I felt want to die because my body very hot and also my bone felt so stiff.

And yaaa taratatraaaaa…. I positive thyfus again!!! Damn, why I am so fragile as a human????

I should stay in hospital for 5 days, and I should skip my class, my course, and also my other schedule which I planned. My parent told me to bedrest until a month, because this is not good for me nor for them. Actually who want this happen sih? I think no one lah… But god have plan! Probably god told me to take a rest, ya I should be greatful of everything.

The Burgeon State in Majalengka



For honestly I don’t know why I make a title of my story like this!!!

Probably because I want to share unforgettable moment during my college life and this point is a very important subject in Unpad as my university which is the place I shelter. The name of subject itself is KKNM, which this one is a program from my lovely university design to carry out the most basic tasks and functions of Padjadjaran University in the field of Research and Community Services. The program require me to stay in a village approximately 30 days, and I just think this is the toughest life that I would do with strangers. But that is just my negative thinking, before I feel it direcly!

And actually I’m so lucky because I do this program with my buddy Prabu, I don’t know if Prabu not join with me what this moment will be? I don’t know why I’m so worry hahaa…


Mr. Fan (me) and Mr. Prabs

But that just my assume!!! This program its very very  very very FUN… FUN… FANTASTIC!!! Everyday my day never missed with jokes and laughter with my housemate. In here I met with different background, but we can fuze into one. We’re so diverse,  there are Chinese, Indian, Melayu, and of course Indo as a native hehe.

In this group I found the unique insan the bacot, the kampret, and the great person I met it we call Ul.. Ma.. Ul… (Maul), he is good person I think and he is nice to everyone and also he is the person to have a greatest idea to merge we as a unite . He has got their own way to make a jokes for us from games until punishment. I don’t understand if Maul not in our group, probably our house will so quite and so creepy. I think this will be so long story, and I just will share to you some of our picture during do KKNM in Desa Nagarakembang Kec. Cingambul, Cikijing – Majalengka.   IMG_6601

Ul..Ma..Ul… (Maul)

as a destro.

Just because I’m so lazy to continue blogging I decided toooooooo share our happiness, and this is our moment:

Half Pleasure

Suddenly I very missed with Jenesys experience in last February, when I visit Japan and met great people, great food, great for everything. So I decided to posting some picture of my experience, this is no half portraits of happiness what I felt it. Enjoy!


Seteven taking picture with prayer paper of his religion.


a kid alone in train.


Sights in Akihabara


a young lady walking as a blurred



The boys from Daiso Group take a pic.


Inside the train.



Just posed.


Onto my homestay mate.


Toyoco station and Shibuya.


and of course me.

Apa itu budaya?

Wah.. Pada adab 21 ini memang sedang maraknya dunia internet dimana pasti setiap orang membutuhkan internet untuk kehidupan sehari-harinya. Termasuk saya yang juga pengguna internet, di internet saya bisa menemukan apa saja yang saya ingin cari. Kegiatan ber-internet merupakan kegiatan yang pasti saya lakukan setiap harinya kurang lebih sejak tahun 2009/2010, yap bila saya merasa jenuh dan bosan pasti saya akan berselancar di internet entah itu saya mencari hiburan maupun pengetahuan. Tapi sih yang pasti saya lebih banyak mencari hiburannya dibanding mencari-cari yang bersifat keilmuan hehe.

Biasanya kalau saya bosan atau sedang butuh hiburan dikala sendirian dikamar situs di internet yang sering saya kunjungi adalah situs-situs video seperti Youtube, Vimeo, dan lain sebagainya. Nah, kebetulan sejak pertengahan September account youtube saya men-subscribe sebuah account youtube yang dimiliki seorang bule bernama Sacha Stevenson yang berkebangsaan Canada, tetapi sudah menetap lama di Indonesia. Jangan ditanya lagi mengenai ke-Indonesiaanya, kalo menurut saya sih dia sudah Indonesia banget lah mulai dari cara bicaranya dan video-videonya yang menggambarkan kalau dia tuh hatam seluk beluk di Indonesia seperti di account youtube-nya saja dia menuliskan “A side of Indonesia”.

Video-video di account Sacha Stevenson isinya memang kebanyakan komedi yang menggambarkan situasi yang real di Indonesia, dan juga banyak dari video-videonya yang ditujukan untuk warga negara asing yang ingin tahu kehidupan di Indonesia seperti apa. Diantara postingan video-videonya yang bergenre komedi, saya menemukan postingan videonya mengenai Budaya. Dalam video terbebut Sacha Stevenson  bernyanyi dalam bahasa Indonesia yang sangat fasih. Saya sampai terkejut dengan liriknya yang begitu menggambarkan kenyataan budaya saat ini, benar-benar menajubkan seorang bule ini. Saya sungguh terheran-heran mendengarkan lirik lagunya yang bengitu nyata adanya dengan keadaan budaya di dunia sekarang ini.

Di dalam description videonya Sacha menuliskan seperti ini:

Saya dapat inspirasi untuk tulis lagu ini setelah teman saya ceritakan tentang “female genital mutilation” tapi inti lagu “budaya” adalah bahwa kebudayaan dan tradisi harusnya tidak jadi alasan untuk melakukan hal yang tidak baik terhadap orang lain, terutama penindasan terhadap kaum wanita tapi pada umumnya lagu ini laku untuk semua manusia. Lestarikan budaya yang indah dan baik, dan membela hak asasi manusia.

Lirik lagu “Budaya” Sacha Stevenson:


was written by: Sacha Stevenson / Cameraman: Seno Irawan

English-Indonesian Translation of “Budaya”

Aku jalan dan ternyata…. sama aja
I’ve traveled around, and I’ve realized… it’s pretty much the same
Apa itu budaya?
What is culture?
Seni dan baju, bahasa dan lagu…etika dan makanan semua beda
Art and dress, language and music… etiquette and food… it’s all different
Ada yang indah, tapi ada yang tidak.
Some is beautiful, and some not so much
Tapi apakah kata “budaya” berhak untuk dinodai
But do we have the right the stain the word “culture”
Di pakai alasan untuk manfaatkan, dipakai alasan untuk melampaui batas?
And use it as an excuse to cross the line?
Karena ada yang melampaui batas
Because some are crossing the line
Batas apa, kamu tanya, dan ini aku jawab
What line, you ask? Well here is the answer:
Dapat dirasakan oleh manusia sedunia
It can be felt by people in countries around the world
Kebaikan dan keburukan dibela dengan garis
There is a line between good and bad
Garis tebal hitam, atau kuning dan tipis
A thick black line, or a tiny thin yellow one
Tutup aja mata butamu dan coba bayangin
Just close your blind eyes and try to imagine
Kamu sendiri korban hal yang mereka lakuin
That what you are a victim of what people are doing
Dan jangan diam aja, dan ngaku budaya
Don’t just sit there in silence and blame it on culture
Budaya mana yang harus langgar hak asasi manusia
What culture requires the violation of human rights!
Aku korban karena aku perpuan, korban karena lelaki
I’m a victim pecause I’m a woman, victim because I’m a man
Aku korban karena orang hitam, korban karena orang asing
I’m a victim because I’m black, victim because I’m a foreigner
Aku korban karena pegawai, korban karena miskin
I’m a victim because I’m a worker, a victim because I’m poor
Aku korban karena beda agama, korban karena tingkat edukasi
I’m a victim because I’m a different religion, victim because of my level of education
Aku korban karena sakit, korban pun karena kaya
I’m a victim because I’m sick, even a victim because I’m rich
Korban karena albino, korban karena janda
I’m a victim because I’m Albino, a victim because I’m widowed or divorced
Aku korban karena menikah, korban karena belum
I’m a victim because I’m married, a victim because I’m not
Aku korban, kamu korban karena budaya buruk
I’m a victim, and you are a victim too, because of bad culture
Karena budaya buruk
Because of bad culture
Tapi mana ada budaya buruk
But what culture could be bad?
Seni, itu budaya…perkhiasan, puisi, musisi, bumbu, peralatan, tarian, gaya fashion, dan cara bikin rumah…tapi kalau melanggar keadilan, itu keburukan, bukan budaya.
Art, now that is culture. Jewelry, poetry, music, spices, tools, dance, fashion, architecture… but if it it crosses the line of equality and fairness and human rights, then it’s a crime, not culture.